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Make Customers Spend 47% More Than They Intended

We’ve covered how you can build campaigns to 3x your marketing revenue. You’ve also got a case study on how the insurance company LV made £198 for every £1 they spent on email marketing and how you can do it too.

Now we’re going to dive into some stats and ideas to push your campaign performance over the edge. 60% of marketing teams state they use automated marketing solely to generate additional revenue. If your marketing team are not taking advantage of automated marketing, this might help them change their minds.


Automated List Nurturing


Automation allows you to deliver the right message to the right subscriber at the right time.

When you have this level of control over your marketing, you’ll start seeing amazing results. Automated list nurturing emails get up to 119% higher click through rates than regular email campaigns. This means you can create your automated series of emails, set them to send out over a specific period of time and then move on.

The Annuitas Group’s research stated that nurtured subscribers spend up to 47% more than they intended. This “Top of mind” marketing helps to maintain familiarity, trust and rapport with potential customers.

A “Welcome email” lifts transaction rates by up to 336% compared to standard campaigns. Online retailers that set up an entire welcome series see 15% more revenue than those that send only one email. Depending on how much your potential customer needs to know, you can create a 3, 5, 10 day automation that introduces your business / company culture or products.

The average open rate of a welcome email is 50% making it 86% more effective than an email newsletter, so start building “digital rapport” from the first email. It requires some upfront work to create welcome automations but they’ll continue to produce revenue on autopilot in the background while you’re working on other tasks!


Getting Relevant


Jupiter Research discovered that sending highly relevant emails to your subscribers has 18x more revenue generating power than regular broadcast campaigns. LV achieved relevancy by segmenting their list into buckets of customers that had specific product interests and these emails were exactly aligned with their customer’s interests.

B2C Marketers that are using automation see conversion rates as high as 50% with timely emails vs a “email blast everyone” strategy.

Using the data you have on your subscribers will help you deliver targeted and specific automated emails. An email marketing system like ActiveCampaign gives you a top down view of your subscriber. You can tag them with interests, pages viewed and more, to build super specific targeted campaigns at the drop of a hat.


Repurposing Content


Once you’ve created your email automations, they continually and tirelessly work for you in the background while you focus on the next revenue boosting activity.

Automated email campaigns allow you to repurpose 61% more content over companies not using automation. That blog post that was written 8 months ago may still be relevant, but it’s not getting the traffic that it deserves. Your automations can be delivering that same piece to a subscriber that signed up today! You can keep your subscribers engaged with a backlog of older content.


Date Triggered Emails


You’ve probably received a cheesy automated B’day email at some point. We know it’s automated and they’re just trying to get us to buy stuff, but it’s still nice to have a little treat in the inbox just because it’s our birthday.

Clickz’ study reveals that birthday emails lift conversion rates by 60%, so it’s definitely one to add to the series of automations. However, did you know that only 24% of companies send a date triggered message like a “Birthday email”? It’s hardly much effort and the results are definitely worth it.


Personalising Campaigns


Using Personalisation in your emails will generate up to 6x higher revenue that non personalised emails. Placing the subscribers name into an email is not that difficult. Each email service provider will have their own way of doing it. Only 38% of companies that sell online send personalised emails. Personalised emails deliver 6x times higher transaction rates than unpersonalised emails and yet 72% of companies fail to use them.


Wrapping it up


After seeing the power of automated marketing, could you imagine the results of a series of personalised + highly relevant + targeted + automated campaign? A little bit of upfront work to have this new digital “sales team” doing it’s thing behind the scenes for you all day and all night.

We’ve given you the idea, we’ve given you the software to get started.

If you don’t hire a marketing team like us to do this kind of automation set up for you, you can most definitely have a crack yourself. Set aside a few hours to get accustomed to your particular email marketing software’s automation features.

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