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What’s happening in the world of Local SEO Services?

There was a time when business owners focused on serving only their local communities: the world had not yet become small. These business owners thought about ways to attract their local consumers and they often didn’t have to think too long or hard about how to get people into their stores.

Sometimes, business boomed because of location, sometimes it boomed because of a lack of competition or necessity and sometimes business boomed because spending money locally was not questioned.

Enter the rise of the internet: now businesses had to worry about how to compete with other local vendors as well as the rest of the world. It’s no surprise then that most brick-and-mortar businesses have succumbed to the magical and affordable world of the internet, and many have closed their doors.

It’s also no surprise that the businesses that remained opened, and continue to search for their place in the online shopping world, focus their efforts on being found by the entire world, rather than focusing on capitalising on the local economic opportunities.

Without realising it, businesses were rushing to get on the World Wide Web and paid big money to set up websites and landing pages so that they could be found. Then the expectation of finding a business online became the norm and those that did not convert were left behind.

Fast forward a few years later and anyone and everyone is on the web and has a landing page to call their own. In order to classify and organise and compete in the big wide world of the internet, business owners had to learn to optimise their websites so that potential customers could find them. This brought out the increased interest in search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation is meant for the bigger broader version of the internet, but businesses needed to be thinking about how to capitalise on the local market in order to stay competitive in their own communities as well. Now, more than ever, businesses are thinking local and encouraging their customers to think local. This movement from global economics to local economics has sparked an interest in Local SEO Services.

Local SEO Services help place local businesses on the intangible map of the World Wide Web so that locals can find them online. Want to know more about Local SEO Services? Let us help you with that!

What are Local SEO Services?

While focusing on ensuring businesses can be found all over the world by integrating SEO services into your website or landing page, it is also important to ensure your local customers can find you in a flash as well.

There are many applications for Local SEO Services that can be of great benefit to your customers and we’ll cover more of those later, but a good place to start is to dig a little deeper.

Local SEO Services help you organise and place your business online so that it can interact with search engines based on geographic information.

Say you run a restaurant and you have a website: when a customer does a generic search for the type of restaurant you operate, you’ll want the search engine to populate your restaurant based on their proximity to your restaurant.

There are several tasks that need to be completed to ensure proper Local SEO is in place: registering in online business directories, sourcing and securing incoming links from other online providers, securing online citations and more.

A Local SEO Services UK expert can help you get organised and oversee all of the mind-numbing tasks associated with ensuring a great Local presence. Any business owner with a brick-and-mortar should consider integrating these services into their marketing budget.

How is Local different from Regional or National?

Whatever business you operate, you want customers to be able to find you in a hurry. You want your website to be clean and easy to navigate, and to pop up in as many search engines as possible. This helps you get found all over the world.

Often overlooked, like we discussed before, is the local community traffic that is being ignored or given a lesser priority because of “bigger fish to fry” on the internet. There are lots of ways to incorporate Local SEO Services into your existing business and a Local SEO expert can help you achieve those goals.

It’s important, however, to understand the difference between contributing to the nation with your search engine optimisation techniques and contributing to the local community with them. How can you balance the priorities of being nationally recognised and searchable and being locally-centered and identifiable?

One way of increasing your Local SEO attributes is to incorporate local interests in your blogging or website copy: start broad and then focus your writing to your own services or offerings in your area. Another way to distinguish the online version of your business from other businesses in your area is to use local and organic photos on your website: don’t use stock or generic photos.

Adding meta tags or data to your photos can also help narrow your website in searches based on keywords. Google and other search engines are using customer locations to narrow search results more and more these days, and ensuring your business can be found or appear on a Google map is important to your continued success.

There’s an unwritten rule about the internet: if consumers can’t find you on Google, they don’t think you exist.

Who needs to use Local SEO Services?

If you want to be found by locals, you’ll want to use a Local SEO Services UK Program. If you want to be accessible and easy to find for new comers to the area of traveling visitors, Local SEO will help.

Many brick-and-mortar businesses rely on their web presence to drive potential customers to their locations. Aside from needing an easily accessible location for their business, they need to be easily accessible online.

Businesses that operate from a physical retail or office location should consider the needs and requirements of potential customers within one hundred miles of their location: many consumers are willing to travel for products and services, or do a lot of shopping while they are traveling for business themselves.

Businesses that would greatly benefit from a Local SEO Services program include restaurants, especially those that offer delivery services, flower and gift shops, small boutiques with unique or hard to find items, child care centers, sporting arenas, places of worship (especially if religious leaders hope to draw crowds from outside their traditional faith formation), law offices, and medical centers.

The budgets available to the variety of these businesses will vary greatly, but a Local SEO Service UK program consideration should be an item that appears in all of them.

Truthfully, anyone and everyone operating a brick-and-mortar store or office space needs to optimize their Local SEO. There’s a real opportunity to miss out on sales and services if locals can’t find you. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your brick-and-mortar operation will guarantee clients and customers because you are local; seize the opportunity to take advantage of would-be consumers with Local optimisation.

How can you use Local to boost your sales

There are many benefits to incorporating a Local SEO Services UK Program into your day-to-day business operations if you run a brick-and-mortar business. However, there are some limitations to what it can do for you if your business is not easily accessible or is not in a location central to a city or busy areas of your community.

Google automatically redirects online traffic to businesses that are closer to the city areas so understanding this limitation, a Local SEO Services UK program can help you overcome those limitations.

A formal review of your current search engine optimisation tactics can help determine opportunities for Local SEO and vice versa.

As a business owner, the sooner you start to think of your search engine optimisation as a complete package and stop treating Local SEO and traditional SEO as two different things, the sooner you’ll start to find more local success.

When a customer visits you locally, you should consider asking them for reviews of your products or services so that you can post that information online: this is just one way to improve your Local SEO standings. It seems to go without saying these days, but if you haven’t done so already, set up a Google Analytics account or get access to another analytics tool so you can monitor traffic and website use.

Questions to consider to improve Local SEO

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to start thinking about improving your Local SEO Standing. If you plan to meet with an SEO expert, take this list with you and write down some of your own questions.

It’s important to think about how you are going to approach Local SEO Services without overloading your website with spam or other unnecessary information that confuses customers or wastes time. Here we go!

  • Is my business name and address on every page of website?
  • Is my business website current and does it contain product information or links to product information on each page?
  • Where is my business website currently listed? Are there any links to my website anywhere else on the internet?
  • How much do I currently know about Local SEO Services? Have I ever tried to incorporate Local SEO into my business before?
  • Do I have time to invest in maintaining and update my Local SEO?
  • What is my marketing budget for this?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my Local SEO Service implementation?

Should you seek expert advice

If time is not on your side and money is then the answer is to seek expert advice. If you have time and a limited budget, you may want to do more research about a Local SEO Services UK program and integrations – maybe do some of the work yourself.

There’s a lot of information about how to go about taking on your own Local SEO, so if you’re a quick learner, you might consider going this route. If you are like many business owners, however, you probably don’t have the time to dedicate to learning a new craft, so you’ll need to find some money in your budget to get incorporate these services into your marketing campaigns.

“Expert” is a relative term, and anytime you source an expert – for any project – you should do your homework to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. If you don’t have a large budget to throw at Local SEO Services UK program, ask your expert what they would recommend starting with: what is the best use of their time for your money?

Obviously, you want to do everything at once, but reality kicks in at some point and you might need to pick and choose what you can afford to do right now and what needs to wait until later.

If you are really limited by your budget, consider hiring a consultant for a one-time gig to help you develop a plan of attack for taking on Local SEO yourself.

Pricing for Local SEO UK Services?

A Local SEO Services UK Program is worth what you are willing to pay for it: like anything else in life and business. The more help you need with Local SEO, the more money you are likely to pay. If you need a full time employee, candidates for the job will expect around £40,000 – £100,000.

Consultants will run you between £30-£150 an hour and a monthly membership service with online support services can cost you between £100 – £1000 a month.

Depending on your operations and marketing budget, you and your team can decide what you need to incorporate Local SEO into your business. There are other things your expert or consultant can do to help you as well: they can help you streamline your website so that you only include the most important information for your customers, both locally and internationally.

Consider the example of the restaurant again: most restaurant websites are filled with pictures of food and histories of the restaurant, but what most customers really want, especially those searching for restaurants on their mobile phones, is to find out what kind of food is offered at the restaurant, how much is the food, and how can they get the food – either by visiting the location or ordering take away containers.

Most websites fit the earlier description, rather than the later: an expert in Local SEO can help you with that! They know exactly what needs to be on the website and what you can live without.

Local SEO Services UK Guides

It may seem daunting to start down the road and take on the responsibility of launching a Local SEO Services campaign but there are many resources available to help guide you through the process and point you in the right direction.

If you plan to hire a professional, it is still worth reviewing these references and resources so that you have a solid understanding of what you are asking a professional to do.

As a business owner, you’ll always get more bang for your buck if you have a grasp on the services you are outsourcing so that you can ask the right questions and not get taken for a ride! Local SEO services UK

A great place to start is by setting goals. Even if you don’t fully understanding Local SEO just yet, asking yourself what you intend to get out of a marketing campaign in general, is a good lead in into your campaign. A great resource for learning more about launching a Local SEO Service campaign is – this particular blog post, entitled “How to Have a Successful Local SEO Campaign in 2015” offers three important things to consider before launching your campaign and it also offers several helpful tips on topics you may not consider, especially if you are new to Local SEO. For example, this website speaks to the importance of an audit of existing customer attraction methods and how to improve those existing methods. Local SEO services UK

Another great starter guide that can help you organise your Local SEO Service campaign is from Search Engine Land. Their article “Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business”, speaks to the importance of doing your front end leg work to ensure your website and business are ready to embark on the Local SEO journey.

This useful guide suggests starting your campaign with a simple Google search of your business. You can’t improve your ratings unless you know where you currently stand. Seems logical. There is also a list of ways to improve individual page ratings. The more information on your website, the easier it will be for clients to find you. Local SEO services UK

Search Watch Engine brings a unique twist to the conversation of Local SEO with their article, “How to do SEO for Local Businesses, WITHOUT Content Marketing”. Given the popularity of content marketing, this article articulates the importance of variety in content and that you don’t necessarily have to spend your days writing pages and pages of content to reach the masses.

The author encourages his readers to consider using content such as utilities (tools, guides, useful tips), building communities and incorporating games into your website are proving just as effective at drawing in the masses to many websites and business owners. Local SEO services UK

Some helpful reminders are brought about by with their article “5 Things Most People Forget About Local SEO”. This simple, yet effective article reminds us that we need to start and stay consistent in our marketing efforts, especially when it comes to SEO campaigns.

The importance of filling out online location forms is also stressed: the more information you publish about your location and how customers can find or reach you, the better.

The same goes for taking the time to fulfil your social media account information requirements. It’s annoying – as the author points out – but it’s worth it if you want to rank your online business higher. Local SEO services UK

10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Rankings” from gives us some key points to consider when launching your Local SEO Service campaign; in particular, this article speaks to the impact genuine customer reviews can have on your business.

Including these on your website can help you rank on top search engines. This article also reminds us that we need to spend time in the community we are trying to attract: sponsor a sports team, take in an event, volunteer your employees. Anything you can do to get your name out there is worth the time and effort.

What’s more, simple tasks like volunteering at a marathon to hand out water or be a sponsor a child’s football team gets your name noticed.

Local SEO Services UK Tools Local SEO services UK tools

If you are interested in installing a Local SEO Services plugin to help you maximise your Local SEO settings, you can find information on how to do that by visiting

This Configuration Guide for Local SEO Services is very useful and can help you get started with your campaign using your WordPress website. A step by step resource for even the most novice of Local SEO Service goers, this article can help you get it all done in record time.

There are a number of tools that you should consider using in your Local SEO Services campaign. Local SEO services UK Tools

Free Local SEO Tools that Belong in Your Kit” reviews GetListed, Google Analytics, Google Toolbox, Adwords and more. This site can help you learn more about these useful tools and tell you how to access them.

One of the coolest tools this site offers is a Review Handout Generator. This little print out can help you get a picture of where your business stands and where it is going from a 30,000 foot level and a micro level of where you name is in the community.

Brightlocal Local SEO services UK Tools

Brightlocal offers an incredible tool to help local business owners stay on top of what their business is doing in the ad space world of the world wide web.

This innovative tool can help you determine where you business is advertised and showing up in search engines and where it’s not. Their handy tools are great for businesses at every level: many of the customer reviews speak to the fact that the Brightlocal tools have done the job for them!

LocalSEOChecklist Local SEO services UK Tools

Think you might have missed something? has got you covered!

This comprehensive list of tools and tips has everything you need to ensure you are covering your bases and hitting home runs in your Local SEO Services campaign! With over 40 items to consider and check off your Local SEO campaign list, this website is super helpful and provides many links to keep you on the right path. Local SEO services UK Tools

Given the helpful nature of in general, it’s no surprise that this article leads you down the winding Local SEO Service pathway with a short list of four tools that are helpful in marketing efforts.

Similar to other website listings, this webpage does offer a link to a service which can help you claim and crawl and fix your links and contact information. And the cute dog at the top of the article reminds us that we need to have fun and enjoy our journey as much as possible!

Check out some of these great resources to help you get going or to give your current Local SEO Services UK campaign a reality check!

Wrapping it up

The hardest part about being a business owner is knowing when and how to change and update your business. If you aren’t currently utilising the power of a Local SEO Services UK program, you should strongly consider it to help you move your business to the next level.

While it seems like a futile exercise given that you are local to most of your customers, you need to ensure that those customers see your business as current and influential to them. If they want to see what your hours of operations are, or if you are having any sales today, they will check your website first.

If you aren’t keeping that information up to date, you can be sure to lose current customers and potential customers. It might not happen overnight, but a continued disrespect for the people who use your services locally will start to become evident when your customers can’t find what they need about your business.

Not sure what people want to know? Check out other local business websites, and – yes this seems obvious, but most business owners don’t do it – ask the next customer you walks through your door what they would like to see on your website. And then ask the next customer. Keep doing that until you get a feel for what people need from you.

Don’t overthink it: there are lots of people who can help you get organised and get your Local SEO Services UK program underway. Improving your Local SEO can have lasting effects on your business both locally and nationally or worldwide. Without considering what customers want to see on your website, in conjunction with what you offer in your brick-and-mortar location, you may be losing out on valuable insight and sales opportunities.

Do your research, ask your questions, meet with the experts and get a game plan together for conquering your local market by ensuring you are available and actively current in your community. Local SEO Services can help you get there and help you understand your customers, their needs, and your product for success.