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How To Triple Your Email Marketing Revenue

Here’s a pretty quick and simple email hack you can implement today without too much work.

When using email marketing our minds are always looking for ways to improve engagement and increase profits for our clients.

Sometimes the easiest hacks are counter intuitive or hidden in plain sight. Something so simple that you’d assume it wouldn’t make a difference, but here it is.

If you want to increase your transactions and revenue by 3x over regular promotions and email campaigns – Send a “Welcome Email”.

It’s ok, you can thank us later!


1 Welcome-Email-Stats-Chart


Welcome emails serve as an introduction to your business and brand culture. Start off on the right foot by making your new subscriber feel like part of the family….There’s your first subject line for the welcome email.

“Welcome to the Family”

Welcome emails are high-performers when it comes to open rates compared to typical promotional emails. Your subscriber has just given over their email and is ready to receive whatever you’re sending.

This behaviour needs to be positively rewarded as it doesn’t last for long. Eventually they’re going to lose the initial intrigue, that’s when some more intricate campaigns need to be used to reengage them.

Click through rates are also extremely high for welcome emails. In fact they’re around 196% higher performing than regular campaigns sent later on down the road.

Now transaction rates is what we get excited about. We know “It’s not all about the money”, but sometimes – it just is. Especially when we’re being paid to increase 0’s on our client’s income report.

A “Welcome email” lifts transaction rates by up to 336% compared to standard campaigns when the subscriber has been on your list for a while.

336% is something that needs to be taken advantage of immediately. Your subscriber has expressed a direct interest in your business by submitting their email and you can’t overlook this opportunity to make them a customer immediately.


What To Send In Your Welcome Email


Explanations: Your welcome email can offer new subscribers an explanation of your website, it’s tools and features or Information about services that your site provides.

Immediate Promotions: The Welcome email can double as a welcome offer. This is where the transaction numbers come in to play. Sending coupons, discount codes, free shipping offers to your new subscriber serves as a call to action. It gives them an excuse to convert from a subscriber into an immediate customer.

Social Media: If you have nothing to sell just yet, your welcome email can prompt them to follow you on your social media channels.

Downloads / Apps: If you have an app or software that needs to be downloaded prior to sign up, your welcome email can give them directions on how to proceed next. Sometimes people need clear instructions on what you need them to do to move along your funnel.


Examples of Welcome Emails



These guys are sending out a simple and clear welcome email, thanking you for signing up and informing the subscriber of what to expect in their inbox. Also providing clear contrasty coloured buttons directing you to go shopping as well as giving you a discount code.


1 Welcome-Email-Crocs



Sending out personalised emails is a no brainer. No matter how many email lists you join, when you see your name in an email, it takes a split second for you to remember that it’s automated. Freemans send out 10% discount along with a bundle of bonuses like free delivery and buy now pay later offers. Plenty of benefits for the subscriber to become a customer.


1 Welcome-Email-Freemans



More discounts here tempting the subscriber to pull out their card and start shopping. This one has a minimum order value before the discount can take effect. Now if the item that you want doesn’t reach their $75, how many people would find another smaller / cheaper item to make up the difference, just so that they can take advantage of the discount?

A 15% discount on $75 is $63.75.

This forces the subscriber to pay you at least $63 minimum. This is a great idea as the initial item they might have chosen from your welcome email prompt could have been lower than this. There are multiple psychological elements at play here that help businesses increase their profits.


1 Welcome-Email-Gap


Setting Up Welcome Emails


Now without a doubt our favourite email software to pull of this type of automation is ActiveCampaign. Their automation system is second to none at a fraction of the cost of most automation systems. It’s a no brainer option.

You can create an automation that triggers whenever someone joins a particular list in your database.


1 Welcome-Email-Auto1


Once you’re ready to start writing up your email, they’ve got a ton of templates to choose from. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about going too crazy with the templates.

As long as your offer is clear, concise and presented professionally, you’ll see results. You don’t need to be a world class designer (like us) to get things rolling.


1 Welcome-Email-Auto2


The best bit is that once your subscriber has gone through the welcome email automation, you can automatically place them on to another automation, like a weekly newsletter / sales promos / education series and more.

You can also select what happens if your subscriber doesn’t open your email, do they get a reminder?

If they don’t purchase, do they get sent a scarcity campaign that warns them of their discount expiring if not used soon?


1 Welcome-Email-Auto3


Wrapping Things Up


This is one of the easiest campaigns to take advantage of in your email campaigns to increase your profits.

There’s no reason why your business can’t implement a welcome email or even a welcome series.

We’ve given you the idea, we’ve given you examples and we’ve given you the software to get started.

Split test different offers against each other to see how well certain welcome emails work against each other to find the best performing version and good luck.

If you don’t hire a marketing team like us to do this kind of automation set up for you, you can most definitely have a crack yourself. Set aside a few hours to get accustomed to your particular email marketing softwares automation features.

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