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When I tell people what I do, the main question is “How much do you charge?”

My answer of £1700+ a month usually puts off the business owner who isn’t financially stable enough to invest with me.

Those business owners generally follow up with “How can I do it myself?”

This is totally fair as I was once a boot strapper looking for the most cost effective ways to do things, even if it meant ten hours of steep learning to get it done.

The most popular problems which many business owners face can be narrowed down to fixing one of the four points of attracting ideal customers and making sales.

The four main problems of most Sales Funnels which need to be addressed are:


Whether online or offline, the amount of people visiting your business can be increased.

By using God knows how many different forms of traffic generation you can increase the amount of sales you are making on a monthly basis.

By tracking and split testing all forms of traffic generation you are currently using, you’ll be able to establish which pathways are worth tweaking and which are worth dropping.

Paying attention to improving what IS working is the most effective use of time you can spend within your business.

Fix and Increase Your Traffic (the sales funnel blueprint can help with ideas)


This may sound like an online term but if you own a bricks and mortar store, how much of your “traffic” is converting into leads or sales?

Again, I live by split testing and by reverse engineering how ideal customers end up paying. You can find out the exact path they took.

Did you close them on the phone? Did they read a white paper which you produced? Did they see your ad in the Yellow Pages or on social media?

This is why tracking all forms of traffic is really important. There are only so many touch points where your conversions can break down and with tracking you can identify these.

My Diamond member clients get access to software which tracks every single piece of marketing they have deployed and reports on a daily basis the results of what is working and what isn’t.

From Facebook posts and Google Ads to phone calls and direct mail – Every single piece is tracked. It can be done.

Track and Fix Your Conversions

List Building

We all know that acquiring a customer is one the biggest expenses we face in business. If we’re not acquiring new customers, most of us just won’t be making any money.

Unfortunately it’s true that around 50% of business owners who ask for ways to make more money, don’t maintain contact with people who have ALREADY spent money with them.

Past customers know and trust you, so why wouldn’t you aim to squeeze as much money as you can from that source?

Increasing the frequency of how many times an ideal customer buys from you is largely to do with the kind of contact and relationship you maintain.

How else are you to get in front of past customers if you have no list and don’t keep in regular contact?

Keeping a healthy list of past customers is also going to be your cheapest form of traffic.

This can be anything from uploading your list of past customers to Facebook and keeping your brand in front of them, sending out printed newsletters on a quarterly basis or even email marketing at least once a month to keep your brand top of mind.

The cost to getting action from past customers is a fraction compared to convincing a brand new customer to do business with you.

Fix Your List Building

Follow Up

Spending hours a week chasing prospects that have shown a slight interest in their product or service is another place where business owners face troubles.

There are some which have had to hire staff just to perform this task.

Putting an automated follow up system in place is one of the first places I go when working with a new client.

Being able to send certain emails and or content to prospects based on actions they take online is one of the most time saving and high ROI systems you can have.

Those that don’t work with me are advised to use something like Mailchimp, Aweber or Constant Contact.

These simple email sending software systems can be set up to drip feed information to prospects over a set period of time.

If you know your customer well enough you’ll know exactly what to say and what they’ll be looking for next. It can be one of the most useful systems in your business.

Imagine being in front of an ideal customer 52 weeks of the year with great content and tons of reasons to pay you, with a set and forget system.

If they don’t buy from you after that long, they probably weren’t your ideal customer at all.

Fix Your Automated Follow Ups