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A confused customer always says no.
A confused ideal customer will also say no.

You want to be so clearly understood by your ideal customer that there is no doubt in their mind as to why you’re the best choice for them – Right Now.

There are five hand holding steps you need to guide your ideal customer through.

Depending on your particular industry you may be able to get away with only four steps.

As I mentioned earlier, business owners who are just slapping a logo, slogan and a picture of their product on a rubbish ad will not achieve the real results I want for you.

You’ll find great examples of bad ads everywhere you look and if you tweak your marketing to follow the five steps, you’ll be ahead of 80% of your competition who don’t bother.

All your marketing material always needs to touch the following five steps. I’ll explain why.

Step 1 – Awareness of need or desire

Step 2 – Picking the thing which fills a need or desire

Step 3 – Picking the source of that thing

Step 4 – Accepting the price / value of source

Step 5 – Deciding why to take action now

People who are selling cat food can start on Step 2, but people who sell cat vitamins for joint health need to start on Step 1.

These five steps remain the same whether you’re selling B2B or B2C and remain the same for every product and service.

Go back through the business directories and see how many of the full page ads touch all five points.

Let’s use Chiropractors as an example and walk through their five steps for confusion proof marketing.


From the beginning the Chiropractor needs to create awareness of the need or the desire – something similar to the opening scenes of pain killer TV ads.

There’s always some middle aged person twisting in pain, holding their head with a narrator speaking over the top asking if you fit this picture.

Chiropractors need to remind people that using pills, foam rollers and other drugs to numb chronic pain is not a long term answer.

Step 1 is to make your ideal customer aware of their problem / pain. A problem that you can fix.

Step 2

Only after you have made the ideal customer aware of their need do you then present the solution.
Chiropractic care is a safe, drug free, non-surgical remedy for various chronic pains within the body.

Again the pain killer TV ads forcefully push the pain aspect of headaches or back pain until you can literally empathise with the actor on the screen.

Suddenly, all is well when these two small tablets are taken twice a day with a glass of water. The actor is bouncing around like a spring chicken – pain free.

Step 2 is to present the solution to their pain.


Step 3.

This piece is simple.

Just refer back to the chapter you have already completed and place your irresistible offer here.

Not only are you presenting your ideal customer with a solution to their problem, but you’re bundling it with an irresistible offer.

Step 2 is to present yourself as the solution to their pain.


Step 4

This is where you handle the objections towards the price of your product or service.

Your job here is remove the fear of making a purchase.

Things like accepting all major credit cards, handling paper work, fees, costs, offering broken down payment plans so they can get their hands on your product now and worry about the price later.


Step 5

This is where you push them off the fence and onto your value ladder.

Adding limited time offers, guarantees and limited by number scarcity tactics to provide your ideal customer with a reason to take action now.

The end of every piece of marketing should always have an extremely strong call to action reinforcing the irresistible offer.

Forget marketing for brand awareness unless you’re McDonalds or Coca Cola.

Business owners are marketing to make money. By not using a call to action you’re merely throwing money down the drain.

Question your marketing department or media agency when they present you with mock ups of ads that they have created for you.

Are they helping your ideal customer move through the buying decisions or are they designing something which would look great in their portfolio?