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Definition of Preponderance:
The fact or quality of being preponderant; superiority in weight, power, numbers.

Advantage, bulk, domination, extensiveness, mass, power, superiority, weight, lion’s share.

When it comes to giving your customer a reason to do business with you, I suggest you want all of the above to apply.

What other people think and willingly express about your business or service is much more powerful than anything you can say about yourself.

It’s human nature to instinctively follow what others do and the power of the testimonial proves that.

I was once in the market for a very high priced piece of marketing automation software.

After speaking on the phone to the developer (Joe) for roughly an hour I still wasn’t convinced as to the value I would gain from laying down that kind of year long investment.

My main reply was “Let me think about it. If you could send me some more info that would be great.”

I really had no intention of reading through the additional emails Joe was going to send and I fully intended to ignore his calls.

A week had passed since we spoke and I completely forgot about the conversation.

At exactly 9am my doorbell rang and there was a FedEx guy standing there holding what looked like a box of paper; one of those boxes which holds around 500 sheets of A4.

Knowing full well I hadn’t ordered anything in a while I was immediately suspicioius, but I signed for it anyway and tore it open.

The very top sheet was a hand written letter from Joe.

“Hey Calvin,

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me last week.

You asked me to send you more info regarding our software and I’ve done just that.

I hope the contents of this box helps you to make the right decision to join us as a partner,

All the best,


I started pulling out thank you letters, testimonials and case studies which were all written by Joe’s customers.

Hand written letters he had received for his awesome service and guidance.

Testimonials from happy customers about the frustrations in their business which Joe had helped them through.

A DVD recording of Joe interviewing his key clients, breaking down their campaigns with their marketing teams and showing the figures he helped them achieve through automation.

Case studies of his own business and how he grew it using software he had built.

He had strategically chosen testimonials of others businesses which were similar to mine. Business owners who were going through very similar issues as I was facing.

After skimming over a bunch of these I was more impressed with the tactic he had used than the software he was selling.

At the very bottom of this box he had a three page sales letter and an irresistible offer which he had not mentioned on the phone.

Needless to say that tactic pushed me off the fence.

Not only am I a customer of Joe’s, but I now integrate his software with all of my Diamond member clients to help them automate their business.

The power of a testimonial cannot be under rated. You can also not overuse a preponderance of testimonials and case studies.

Building a Killer Testimonial

Now that you know your ideal customer intimately, you can manufacture testimonials to speak directly to their core.

You now understand what they need to know in order to make a purchase with you. You know the end results which will move them closer to achieving their goals.

Here is an outline for requesting testimonials from all of your happy customers:

Testimonial Outline

Gather all of your marketing and list your benefits, features, facts and promises.

Now list out all the fears, doubts, common objections and worries of your ideal customers.

Now go out and start hassling your past customers for testimonials which validate all of your features and benefits and handle all of their fears and objections.

When we’re selling we are taught to “handle objections.” Why not just let your past customers do it for you?

They’ve all felt the same way prior to buying something, so after a few years of being in business you’re going to run out of objections to handle.

This is how you create a preponderance of proof. There are no objections for them to use against you, and other people are raving about how you deliver on your promises.

I can’t stress strongly enough how powerful this tactic is for a business owner. Continue to build up your “Box of proof” with every new customer you please.

Don’t forget video. At the time of writing this edition of the book, video has already become a vital piece of the marketing tool kit.

Attention spans are shorter than ever and the rise of content marketing has flooded our lives with more and more things to read.

Video is an easy and interesting way to get answers to our questions. It’s easily consumed and should be used by all business owners.

Interviewing your key accounts while using the testimonial method above will see far higher conversions than written ones.