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Paid traffic can be expensive in the beginning, but savvy business owners can dramatically cut the costs by offering an irresistible offer.

Some “Gurus” call this a Tripwire offer, others call it a Self Liquidating Offer.

It’s all the same, but all it consists of is a super low priced offer that is roughly the price your CPL (Cost Per Lead).

Average Cost Per Lead

With paid advertising you’re going to eventually see how much it costs to get a lead.

Not all clickers will become leads. Some people will be intrigued by your ad but not opt in to the LM.

These clickers are costing you money and not becoming leads.

To get around this, simply have the LM Thank You Page as an Irresistible Offer.

Something that is a super cheap, entry level service or product that leads are offered after they provide their email address.

Two Birds One Stone

By doing this, you’re not only going to get some money back on your advertising costs, but you’re also going to be able to tell which people on your list are buyers.

This is important, because these buyers are the ones willing to pull out their card to solve their problem quickly.

Buyers can be treated differently to regular subscribers.

Product Splintering 2.0

This is another place for you to offer a tiny piece of the end result you offer.

For example a web design agency could offer to set up and optimise a leads’ Google+ page for £20.

It’s quick for the agency to do and it’s cheap for the lead to buy.

This also introduces the lead to your business and helps them build rapport quickly. Leading the customer up the product ladder with up sells and cross sells.

What irresistible offer could you place in front of interested leads that are willing to pull out their credit card for?

Could you offer a trial, monthly consulting or some type of an audit?