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We’ll uncover £50,000 in extra sales Hiding within your business in 60 Minutes On The phone with us!

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You Get More Customers

What Do We Do

For Our Clients?

Looking for new ways to grow your business?

Are you too busy working IN your business and not ON your business?

You’re not alone!

We uncover profits hidden in plain sight.

Working by your side to help you find new opportunities and take advantage of revenue increasing strategies that you haven’t even considered.

Whether that’s;

  • Organising business partnerships
  • Creating referral systems
  • Generating new customers
  • Making your customers spend more
  • Organising product promotions
  • Rewriting ads to outperform current ads
  • or even sales training for your staff

We’re here to ensure your GROWTH.

We Work Well With

All Your Current Vendors

Does your receptionist know what to say when a new SEO promotion has got the phone ringing? Does your Ads team know exactly what your social media team’s plan is?

There’s no need to change vendors when working with Torra Media.

We work well with all of your vendors by ensuring your strategy is enforced across all teams, we even provide sales scripts for your staff to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Read This Immediately Because

It Directly Affects You & Your Business

Dear Business Owner,

We are specialists at doing something no one else can do. We can look at your business and develop more customers, more profits and grow your business in no time.

It’s not unrealistic for you to profit £200,000 from this every month.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on business growth and marketing, spend HOURS with some of the world’s best consultants and implement all their strategies with a 10-15% chance it’ll work.


Simply get us to look at your business, identify the biggest profit opportunities, implement it all for you – all you have to do is handle the increase in sales and new clients – and even then we can help with systems to handle those too!

A Sample Of What We’ll Do For You


Completely re-write any or ALL of your current ad and triple their results. This means that you’ll be generating 3x more customers for the exact same ad-spend


Organise joint venture opportunities with other businesses to bring in a steady stream of up to 100 extra customers a week


Put in place online marketing funnels to generate clients for less than £40 at a time


Position you as the GO TO in your industry using our Content Marketing Strategies and Social Media Skills


Develop incredible referral systems so that your clients are referring 10-20% more customers


And over 57 other different strategies we can implement to bring in more profits

These Strategies Have Already Generated Over £135,000,000 In Extra Sales For Our Clients

I’ve spent well over £100,000 to consult with the top minds in marketing over the last 10 years and have taught my team how to implement these strategies for our clients.

In fact by getting us to implement these strategies our clients on average enjoy an extra £210,450 profit within six months.

Can you imagine what you’ll be able to do with an extra £210,450?


Being able to make a 10 to 1 ROI on all your advertising. That means that for every dollar you spend, you make £10 back.


You’re making enough extra profit that you can afford to employ experienced managers who take 60-70% of your workload and give you 40 hours a week back


Somebody makes an offer to buy your business for 10x earnings because of all the extra profits you’ve been making


You can take all this extra profit and invest it in the property market building your property empire

The possibilities are endless..

But What’s In It For Us?

If you’re human, you’re probably thinking, “where’s the catch?”, “this is too good to be true?” or “what’s in it for you?”…

So there are really two reasons why we would do this:

First of all, we love working with UK based businesses. It’s our passion. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning with a huge spring in our step.

The second reason is because it’s how we make money. We have been doing this for 14 years and increased our client’s revenue hand over fist. Our clients are loyal, and they love paying us…because we make them money!

We’ll come into your business, implement all these strategies for you, and help you grow and achieve the goals you set.

Here’s The Offer

Here’s the absolutely insane offer I’m prepared to add. If you’re the right business, and you check all of our qualification boxes we’ll work together.

If you qualify and if after our 30-60 minute phone call I cannot see how I could grow your business by at least £50,000 I will cut you a cheque for £500 (or just direct transfer into your bank account) for wasting your time.

No matter what happens here, if you qualify, you’re going to make a MINIMUM £1,000. But probably at least 6-7 figures in newly found profit.

How fair is that?

If you can find another marketer in the ENTIRE COUNTRY who can do that, I’ll eat one of my shoes.

This Offer Is NOT For Everyone

Because of the amount of time we put into every company we work with, we’re only taking on 3 businesses this quarter.

And as a result, we’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed.

You MUST be in a serious business. This is NOT for hobby businesses, start-ups or MLM opportunities.

Your business should ideally turning over £350,000+ already

You MUST be open to new ideas and trying something different (especially if what you’re doing isn’t currently working)

You will ideally have staff. Sales people, assistants – or at least be able to handle an increase in sales and clients yourself.

Here’s How The Process Works

Sign up below with application form provided. Don’t worry; it’s simple and unobtrusive.

I just need to get an idea of what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish and so forth.

Second, once you fill out the form we’ll get on the phone 1 on 1 and go over your business.

We’ll come up with an action plan and figure out EXACTLY how much more money we’ll be able to make you.

Click on the button below to take advantage of this incredible risk free offer to add considerable profit to your business!

Time Is A Factor, We can physically only work with 3 companies at any one time.